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Whereas, many types of pollutions are threating the earth and causing the sickness problems and human life, the consequences of the pollution are un-recoup-able if the world do not prevent the pollution on time. As our organization (EAPO) documentary the pollution have been listed as the following: water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, radio-active pollution, bio medical waste and electronic-waste, global Warming, climate Change, in dangerous flora and fauna, natural disaster and etc. The exact consequences of the pollution for the earth is as the following: Different types of sicknesses, skin problems, nervous system, cancer, lung cancer and death of human as well as, it causes the reduction to agricultural harvests and effects food chain and etc. Totally the pollution are currently effecting human health and his/ her life. To contribute in the solutions of environmental problems in the country, a group of the open minded youths decided to establish Environmental Awareness and Protection Organization (EAPO) to combat against the pollution and protect the country and country mate.

Vision & Values


An urbanized and developed Afghanistan without any pollution.


Our mission is to control and decrease the pollution in the country through providing Training opportunities to the different groups of the communities increasing the awareness regarding Environment, prevention of Pollution, ecosystem, natural resources, extension of forests and other information regarding Environmental Science. Our mission is to all over the communities without any discrimination. We do our missions in coordination and collaboration with the related department especially General Directorate of Environment and Other Organizations which are supporting combating pollutions. We do respect to all values of the communities they believe during our programs.

Our Team

EAPO’s national team is made up of multidisciplinary (Science, Technology and Policy) experts and professionals that are highly qualified with higher degrees of knowledge and have work experience with different national and international organizations and government institutions.

Farid Ahmad Nikpoor

Head of the Board
MBA & M.Sc.

Safiullah Sherzad

Board Member
Lecture at Kabul Education University
M.Sc & PhD

Mina Nabizada

Director and Member of Board
Lecture at Kabul Education University
M.Sc. Environmental Awareness & Protection


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